We work in partnership with our clients to design impactful learning that delivers on the outcomes you need.  This could be a combination of blended learning, online, or face to face. We draw on a wider team of talented associates for larger-scale projects


Established since 2004, The 2gether Partnership has an excellent track record of delivering insightful learning.  There are 6 key steps to every piece of work we undertake whether it is a large scale Leadership Programme, Team Development or 1:1 Coaching.

1.Understanding the Context and Background

Where has the need come from and why does it matter? What would a great outcome look like if it was happening right now?

2. Engaging Key People

Who is the target audience? What is their perspective on the issue? Who else has a stake in this? What would a great outcome look like if it was happening right now?

3. Designing a learning experience

We will consider several options and often a blend of learning experiences to cater for different learning styles and land the learning with more lasting impact.

4. Testing the design with you

If your learning is going to fly then you have to be bought into it and be able to authentically believe in and champion it.

5. Deliver

The way in which the learning is delivered depends upon ??? content missing ???

6. Review

We will review all along the way of development and we will always have an eye on the end goal - have you set out what you hoped? What is next and how do you follow up and integrate the learning?

18 years experience in impactful learning

Over the past 18 years we have worked with clients to design programmes for them, delivering them online, face to face or a blend of both.

Our Courses

Influencing with Impact:

We have delivered this programme in a variety of ways to suit client’s circumstances: Exclusively online, face to face, or a blend of both.  The ideal is to run the programme over a series of sessions to allow for awareness-raising, observation, reflection and application of learning in between.

The outcomes you can expect are:

Authentic/Difficult Conversations

Everyone at some time in their life/ career will have conversations that feel tricky.  Often our default kicks in and we either dive in too heavily or we stand back and avoid the conversation hoping the situation will go away.  This workshop is delivered face to face, online or using a blended approach. It will help you to have the conversation in a confident, effective and constructive way.

The outcomes you can expect are:

Coaching for Performance

Every line manager needs to be able to have conversations that tune in to how to get the best from their people.  Delivered online, face to face or a blend of both the outcomes.

The outcomes you can expect are:

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is the ultimate bespoke learning experience.  We have been working with our coaching clients online and face to face for many years.  Each coaching journey is as different as the people taking part in it, however, there are some common outcomes for our clients.

The outcomes you can expect are:

Presence and Impact

There will be key times in your career when it is super important for you to ‘show up’ in a way that is your most authentic, version of yourself.  Sometimes though, the ‘super importance’ gets in the way.  Your nerves get the best of you and your confidence waivers.  We can help.  Working either in a small group or 1:1 with you online, face to face or in a blended way,

The outcomes you can expect are:

Leadership Development

We have experience in delivering Leadership Development face to face, online and a blend of both.  Each Leadership Development Programme we develop for our clients is slightly different in that it is bespoke to you and your organisation. 

The outcomes you can expect are:


Insightful and challenging in a powerful, yet non-threatening way, getting right to the heart of what’s going on ...

Straight and honest feedback in a very direct way, and helped us to develop our skills quickly ...

Tom brings some 20+ years of experience in designing and delivering Influencing Skills for senior leaders and Executive Teams...