Influencing and Advanced Influencing
through Authentic Conversation™

“Excellent course. Anyone with experience of influencing who wishes to enhance their skills would benefit from attendance ... The facilitators were the most knowledgeable on their subject and the most able at communicating their material that I have ever come across.”

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Maximise your influence capability through our two development programmes previously only available as in-house company programmes.

Influencing through Authentic Conversation™ is aimed at new team leaders or managers who now have a wider remit or new complexity in their roles.  The course explores how you can maximise your influencing impact through enhancing your current skills, and by being aware of your personal drivers including how they help or get in the way.  

Advanced Influencing through Authentic Conversation™ is designed for Senior Managers and Directors who face new and more complexity around their influencing.  The course allows you to take a deeper look at influencing, what you stand for as a leader and includes guest speaker Craig Mathieson, Polar Explorer, and founder of the Polar Academy. His stories inspire and influence people to make the impossible suddenly possible and to find the resilience in ourselves to achieve our greatest desires.