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Gerry Eckersley

Gerry Eckersley

I love working as a Consultant with a particular focus on leadership and team development across a range of sectors.  I ‘grew up’ in Financial Services and held senior HR leadership roles for many years in both times of growth and decline.  As a Strategic Partner to Executives in businesses undergoing significant change, I coached leaders through both personal and organisational change.

I find myself incredibly energised working with individuals and teams on their personal development journey and helping to support their learning and growth.  I am described as customer focused and pragmatic, with strong rapport building skills and a facilitative approach.

I enjoy working with people at different stages of their career journey and an important part of my portfolio is lecturing in Human Resource Management at two Universities in Scotland at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  I find that teaching stretches my thinking and keeps my research current, which adds to my consultancy skills.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, have an MA in Human Resource Management and certified in SHL Psychometric testing, OPQ and Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Examples Assignments:

Leadership and Influence
I worked with an HR team who wanted to become more commercially focused and demonstrate the value of their contribution to the broader organisation success.  I designed a two-day programme focusing on developing their Business Partnering and consultancy skills and deploying more effective HR Analytics.  The organisation considered the programme a success and had the additional benefit of improving cross team working.

I coached a senior leader in the public sector who had some challenging team dynamics and was about to embark on a new role.  Appreciating the ‘space’ to focus on himself, he found that through our coaching sessions, he took the time to reflect on his strengths, work through the team dynamics and set himself up for success in his new role.

Team Development
I designed and facilitated a senior leadership team event for a major FTSE 100 company, working with a newly formed global executive team utilising MBTI to increase self-awareness and team cohesion. Using MBTI gave them a framework and common language to get to know each other at a deeper level and appreciate their differences. This meant the second day of their offsite, which focused on strategic planning, was much more productive due to their team development investment.