Meet The Team

Alison Willocks

Alison Willocks

I work as an executive coach and management development facilitator in all sectors across the UK and globally.  I moved into consultancy after a career in the Defence sector, to follow a personal passion supporting individuals teams and organisations to achieve superior levels of performance in the ever-changing business world.  I now do this in my work as a coach of individuals and teams across a range of business sectors.

Example Assignments

Leadership and Influencing
I was asked to deliver High Performance Consulting Skills workshop to HR Business Partners in the Defence sector aimed at increasing their impact and influence within their business areas.  The programme was highly successful with a number of the clients of the HR Business Partners commenting positively on the increased impact and contribution they were making to the business.

As a newly appointed Business Director in a newly established role, the remit and scope of the role was undefined and highly political.  I was asked to coach the Business Director through the first three months of his role to help him negotiate the minefield of power relationships and focus on the strategic objectives of the role.  The result was a well-planned engagement strategy with focused outcomes. He described feeling more confident and that he had been given a ‘head start’ that had been lacking in previous roles.

Team Development
A newly outsourced Board team needed to define their growth strategy and develop underpinning actions.  In addition, the team wanted help to identify their strengths and ‘pressure points’.  Working with the team both in a workshop setting and in one-to-one coaching sessions, the team developed a strategy which has helped them to become one of the top outsourcing organisations in the UK.