Presence and Impact through Authentic Conversation™

What should I expect to get out of this course?

  • Improve your personal impact and presence in small/large group settings
  • Communicate in a clear and engaging way
  • To get clear about the best version of your authentic self and your personal ‘brand’ 
  • Demonstrate quick thinking in important meetings
  • Frame information appropriate for the audience
  • Connect and engage with customers, clients, stakeholders in a way that demonstrates genuine understanding of different perspectives.

What does it cover?

  • Getting a clear picture of your current impact and the presence you evoke in others
  • Understanding yourself and the behavioural choices you make in different situations
  • Defining your ‘authentic presence’ in terms of look, sound, behavior and feeling
  • How to best structure your presentations for maximum impact including using different media
  • Knowing your audience and the ways to engage different types of people
  • Using language to maximize rapport and impact
  • Using your resources including your credibility and experience to build credibility with others.

Who is this best for?

  • Leaders and managers who have need to create a positive impact quickly including presentations to key stakeholders, networking situations or large conference speaking
  • People who are not sure about their current impact and would like expert guidance on what they do well and where they could improve
  • People who know the technical skills to presenting, but struggle with motivating and engaging their audience
  • Anyone who has to put across complex data and messages to audiences they need to engage and influence.

Course Information

Location: Edinburgh
Number of places: 8
Price: £1250+VAT per person

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