Executive Coaching

What should I expect to get out of the coaching?

Each coaching journey is as different as the people taking part in it, however, there are some common outcomes for our clients

  • Clarity about longer term goals
  • Clarity about who they need to influence to support key objectives and what they need to do
  • Increased confidence
  • More awareness about their impact
  • Clearer end goals and steps towards them
  • Increased sense of who they are and what their key values are
  • A confidential space for you to discuss and share what is important to you
  • Authentic Conversations that will both support and stretch you.

What does it cover?

The coaching will cover the key areas you would like to address.  Here are some examples of previous content from coaching sessions: -

  • Talking through influencing strategies and behaviours
  • Feedback and development on presence and impact
  • Reviewing team effectiveness and your effectiveness as a leader
  • Career development planning
  • First 90 days new role planning
  • Planning and rehearsing difficult conversations
  • Using questionnaire tools, e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EQI), Thomas Kilman Conflict model and the Authentic Conversations Questionnaire
  • Gathering 360 feedback from others for you
  • Simulation of your real situation – e.g. A Board meeting with actors
  • Discussing difficult seemingly ‘no win’ choices and decisions
  • Looking at the current organizational culture and action planning improvements.

Who is this best for?

  • People requiring a more flexible approach to their development
  • Specialists who need to influence at high levels across the organisation
  • People in roles in a matrix structure
  • Those who are new into the role and need to make an immediate impact
  • Leaders and members of teams who want to influence to achieve higher team performance
  • Situations where you are unsure of where else you can get support.

Executive Coaching Information

Coaching sessions are by arrangement with you and your investment costs will vary according to your needs and budget.  

Contact us for more information.

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