conversations-coverAuthentic Conversation Questionnaire: To get an honest picture of the range and frequency of behaviours you use in conversations with others.

How to use:
Simply choose whether you want to get feedback from one specific person or wider feedback from a range of people.  Send us an email when you have decided and we will take you through the next steps to getting your personalised report. 

Your authentic conversation report is designed to help you explore your strengths as well as your development areas that might block your effectiveness.  The report contains practical advice and hints and tips for enhancing your strengths and addressing your weaknesses.  

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tin valuecards'Value' cards

Knowing what your core beliefs are and what you stand for are key to helping you orientate yourself and others through life.  This set of cards has been developed using our own experiences in coaching and leading training courses as well as research we have conducted into the role values play in Authentic Conversations™.

How to use them
Based upon research including 'Authentic Happiness' and Positive Psychology, we have developed a set of value cards that can be used by yourself, in Coaching sessions or in Leadership Development courses to help clients define, prioritise and set goals about what is important to them.

Can be used over and over, practical and easy to carry, professional and easy to understand

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tin gtkyGetting to Know You Cards

This set of cards has been developed using research we have conducted into the role values play in Authentic Conversation™.

How to use them

You can use these cards in a number of different situations including:

  • ‘One to One’ when you want to get to know someone better.
  • Where you have been in conflict or have had some tricky conversations and want something to help you get ‘back to basics’, build up trust and potentially get into some more challenging but productive conversations.
  • Groups or team development events when you want to find a way quick way for people to know and understand each other.
  • At weddings or any event over dinner where people don’t know each other well.

Speeds up the 'getting to know you' process and people move to a deeper level of openness very quickly; you can include lighter questions only and take out the more challenging ones depending upon the outcome you're looking for.

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thank you cardsColleague Thank You cards

Do you want to let your staff/colleagues know they are appreciated?  Choose from a selection of our quality cards, and let them know!  Choose a quantity you would like and we will send you a selection of our cards, guaranteed to make someone smile! 

They are blank inside for your own message. Click on the thumbnails below to preview the card designs.

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